Artificial grass

A green lawn all year round?

A dream come true with our Artificial Grass options.

You can choose from models varying in pile heights and colours with an authentic look.

Your garden will always look lush without any effort.

Remember that you can reach out to us any time to learn more about our offerings.

VIR 360 DARK - Synthetic Grass 36 mm M Shape

VIR 340 DRY - Synthetic Grass 34 mm C Shape

VIR 400 W - Synthetic Grass 40 mm W Shape

VIR 350 W - 35 mm Artifcial Grass W Shape

VIR 200 C - 20 mm Artifcial Grass C Shape

VIR 250 C - 25 mm Artifcial Grass C Shape

VIR NST5 JZQ - 32 mm 2-colour artificial grass