Viridium, at the cutting edge of ARTIFICIAL GREENERY

At Viridium, we are on a mission to come up with always new and premium solutions that make it possible to create zero-maintenance outdoor landscaping designs. Our focus is on a product that is unmatched in its ability to provide both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting durability.

Our products are crafted to achieve high-end, sophisticated designs with a range that includes both outdoor artificial greenery and indoor artificial plants. Each item in our collection looks incredibly authentic.

The history of Viridium
and the first ARTIFICIAL HEDGE

The Viridium brand was created by Val International S.r.l, a company founded in Modena, Italy in 1997 as a manufacturer of beverage bottling machinery and systems. In 2004, Val International used the expertise accrued in plastic materials to expand its operations into the field of artificial plants.

The idea behind the Viridium concept was to use the existing skills and resources associated with plastics processing to create unique and inventive gardening products. This ultimately led to the launch of the first artificial hedge, a huge success that laid the groundwork for a flourishing industry.

Viridium's artificial ivy is totally new to the market and offers a convenient choice for those seeking privacy in their gardens and balconies. The panels are sized 50x50 cm and can be installed in just a few steps without outside help, providing a distinct and vibrant green foliage perfect for individuals who are unable to maintain a real hedge.


The artificial hedge is an instant success. Customers are impressed by the product’s multi-year lifespan and authentic appearance, resulting in a growing demand for variations and additional products.

This leads to the red-leaved Photinia, the vine, the Buxus hedge, and the 3D Osmanthus and Laurel hedges, all very detailed and incredibly realistic looking. Artificial outdoor plants come soon after in a wide choice of varieties and dimensions.

Apart from a small selection of indoor plants, most of the products are made in plastic material treated with a unique anti-UV process to ensure they can withstand outdoor conditions and look beautiful for the long haul.

Consistently at the forefront of artificial plants, the Viridium brand also comes out with an artificial grass range that rivals the look of natural grass. From low to high pile heights, intense green to dry effects, Viridium has synthetic grass options for all installation needs and tastes, without compromising on quality.