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Design your green haven with Viridium products. They stay green, look natural and are made to last

Greenery for your projects

From homes to hotels, restaurants to commercial environments, Viridium offers vibrant, practical and novel solutions for all your interior and exterior design needs.
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Your oasis
always green

Want to enjoy a perfectly green space all year long?
With Viridium, its charm will never fade.

You can choose from a wide selection of artificial greenery options for both indoor and outdoor spaces to suit any taste or need.
Whether you’re looking to add privacy to gardens, balconies and terraces, or simply enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor areas, the end result will always exude a natural and long-lasting appearance, with no maintenance needed.
You can enhance the décor of your home or commercial establishment with a touch of creativity and elegance.

Viridium products are made with premium-grade anti-UV plastic designed to withstand prolonged sun exposure and various weather conditions, remaining unaltered over time.


Made with superior quality materials and intricate detailing, our greenery looks incredibly lifelike and natural.


The use of light-resistant inorganic pigments ensures colours remain vibrant for a long time, even when exposed to the elements.


An impeccable green space no longer requires constant attention. Simply choose superior quality artificial greenery.

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Eyes always on the future

At Viridium we have a strong inclination towards research and development and are passionate about spotting trends.
The brand was established by Val International S.r.l., a company with extensive expertise in plastic materials. In 2004, they ventured into the gardening market by pioneering an innovative product for outdoor space decoration: artificial hedges.
Since then, our mission has been to pursue high-quality solutions for creating maintenance-free green areas while also providing enhanced aesthetics and increased durability.

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