Synthetic Grass 40 mm W Shape

Code: VIR 400 W

VIR 400 W joins the latest generation Viridium synthetic grass models.

The peculiarity of the latest generations of artificial grass is found in the shape of the filament: each thread of VIR 400 W has an innovative W shape, which gives it maximum strength, therefore maximum ability to remain perfectly erect even in case of heavy foot traffic.

By popular demand, the shade of this model is a deep green, very similar to well-groomed grass.

It is perfect for gardens, but also for terraces, attics, roofs where you want to recreate a well-kept, tidy and green environment, even subject to heavy foot traffic.

Like VIR 200 C, VIR 250 C and VIR 350 W, VIR 400 W is on the market with a rather interesting price.

Height of the blade of grass: approximately 40 mm.

Reel size: 2 x 25cm.

Degree of water permeability: 65 litres/minute.

Great density per square centimeter.

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