Vehicle-resistant synthetic grass


This is the first synthetic grass where vehicles can transit (no heavier than off road vehicles).

Strong cells housing true synthetic grass act as protection casing and prevent the tires from crushing the grass.

Indeed, when a tire threads on the surface, it crushes each blade of grass, which slightly bends and, once the pressure has released, goes back to its original position. Modular system.

Every module measures cm 40 x 40 x H= 4,6 cm.

It is fitted with connection clamps in elastic material that allow the natural thermal expansion among the seasons and the deformation caused by the tire movements.

The connection clamps give greater height to the module, obtaining a floating effect and is easy to install with a simple rubber hammer.

A perfectly level installation plane is necessary for the grass to bear the load of transiting vehicles. We recommend a concrete subfloor.

The vehicle-resistant synthetic grass can be assemble only with the usage of a rubber hummer and without glue.


No. 6.25 modules per m2

Product subject to patent

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