Our History

Val International was established in 1997 with the sole purpose of marketing food industry machinery and equipment all over the world. In particular, the company's core business is represented by bottling systems for all fluids in the food industry like mineral waters, wine, liquors, fruit juices.

The experience we built up in this sector, but especially the experience acquired with mineral water caps machines made it possible to develop a new patent in 2004: the artificial hedge.

A new brand was especially developed for this product, a brand that soon became more popular than the company that owns and patented it: Viridium.

The concept entails creating an artificial hedge using plastic materials that do not decay as the weather conditions change, materials that, in other words, are capable of withstanding drastic temperature extremes ( from -60°C to + 65°C), to use light resistant colours and a mechanical leaf-locking system so as to prevent leaves to fall from the support they are fastened on. We therefore carried out further researches in Italy, produced the moulds for the injection moulding machines, carried out the accelerated ageing tests to simulate product duration and started production in low labour cost countries.

All the Viridium products, except for artificial grass, are designed by Val International and manufactured by companies that work only for Val International. Nobody can market our products unless authorised by Val International.

For this very reason the products are branded Viridium namely to distinguish them from the low quality imitations and from the clones that inevitably pop out when a product achieves success.