2-face barrier

CODE: VIR 0053

A breakthrough in separating barriers. This system consists of modules 50.00 cm long and 175.00 cm tall.
Every module is fastened on the next by means of clamps directly mounted on the structure. The barrier is kept upright and balanced by special feet that can also be fastened to the ground. There are two types of modules, the 3-side (to be used at the beginning and ending of the barrier) and the 2-side one (for the intermediate modules). Every module comes in 2-pieces box, the hedge is already mounted on the frame.
The sides are connected by means of hinges and can easily be arranged and fastened to form the final parallelepiped.
It is a quick and simple system.
The barrier parallelepipeds can also be closed back at the end of the season for storage purposes. No tool is required. Everything is pre-installed.
Module size:
Width: 50 cm
Height : 175 cm
Pieces per box: 2

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